Roy Lawaetz
by Roy Lawaetz


This is MODI


MODI is a Caribbean aesthetic which draws from the collective cultural heritage of the Diaspora: It states:

That nature does not conform to one shape, neither should art

That in this consciousness role MODI art breaks away from the conventional rectangles towards triangles to form the basis of MODI thinking

That MODI has the innate ability to structure, to combine and create proto-type status

That MODI can operate between blurred lines of painting, sculpture and installation and still be MODI

That MODI is attachable and detachable, like life

MODI can add or subtract, multiply or divide, but it is not arithmetic, it is art

MODI can select, combine to create individualistic shapes

MODI is in its infant stage of existence like a new born baby

The history of painting is the celebration of the rectangle.

MODI is the rebirth of the triangle

MODI is an approach to Art that embraces cultural overlays and different civilizations

MODI utilizes the universal shape of the triangle as its cornerstone thus it breaks down barriers, builds monuments to lost legacies

The MODI triangle symbolizes spiritual concepts whetherof so called pagan belief or Christian such as the Divine

MODI is a flexible vehicle of Art, not rigid with pictorial stereotypes determined by the manufacturing industry

MODI is invention, exploration, substance, visionary not academic and predictable

MODI is ancient but it can also embrace modern technology

MODI is Art with a designer attitude

MODI is not photography no matter how artistic

MODI is not sick art though it might sometimes rupture the senses

MODI is cultural re-affirmation art. It builds on cultural heritage but re-invents the story in fragmentary dimensions

MODI is not art which generates out of an urban phenomenology

MODI does not exist to feed the industrial framing industry. It strives to feed the soul

MODI liberates, frames confine like prison cells

MODI rejects frames for its own aesthetic conclusions and vision

MODI believes frames are accessories that often compete with the intention of the art work, sometimes even suffocating it

MODI is organic not static

> MODI is shape ready for flight launch like a space rocket

MODI is angle Modi is dangle

MODI stretches, steps over boundaries, dances where the grass is always greener and the horizon brighter

MODI is one brick at a time, it is slow, and it is construction

MODI is digging, excavating into the collective strata of human experience

MODI believes in fragmentation as the essence of existence

MODI can be taught in schools to infants but it is not geometry despite its angularity

MODI is cellular, it has structure, it can adapt to visual situations and physical spaces

MODI is the heightened celebration of the proto-type in Art
MODI assimilates, it includes more than it excludes, what it excludes has always been included

MODI has montage features that are extraordinary

MODI can create or break rhythms

MODI is the spirit of the ancients but it is the handiwork of the living

MODI is gesamtkunstwerk or total art

MODI when passive can be like a hidden Jack in the box or Russian dolls

MODI when active can be exotic and passionate

MODI statements are like statements in a Chinese fortune cookie but they only affect the artist’s fortune

MODI is the realm of diversity

MODI teaches the artist, the artist does not teach MODI but he can pass on its inherent principles to others

MODI is still in its infant stages and so is the critique of its true significance

MODI is not formulaic each new proto-type format challenges a different formula

MODI is risk art

MODI is not commercially strategic but it can be bought and sold

MODI is a structural visual language based on fragmentation

MODI exists in the realm of ideas

MODI leads to unpredictable sources of fantasy, energy and construction

MODI believes that the electric drill is just as important as the paint brush

MODI can fuse antiquity and technology in artistic coexistence

MODI’s triangular family of shapes provide a vast resource that is capable of triggering the subconscious as well as the formal

MODI can transcend the limits of Western culture and embrace a vast multi-cultural horizon

MODI recognizes that in the development of one’s signature art often rejection is the best teacher

MODI like nature assumes diverse shapes in its repertoire of proto-types
MODI can be a weapon, it can defend

MODI is practical and impractical every coin has a flip side

MODI’s angularity mobilizes a dynamic factor into the art equation

MODI’s diversity with multiple applications gives the Support a wide range of options

MODI’s flexibility provides the artist with a wider support base for innovation

MODI’s alternative design is independent of premanufactured configurations

> MODI’s interactive options with technological integration gives the Support a new participatory role

MODI’s interlocking features combine individual fragmentary elements for optimum versatility

MODI’s modularity provides a more organic-like quality in the Support

MODI’s mutative qualities on canvas elements can be expanded to include other distinct formats

MODI’s sculptural qualities and tri-dimensionality can be interpreted into the art form if desired

MODI’s void-fullness and its respective relation betweenthem can be dramatically increased

MODI is where the classic departs to join the exotic

MODI is symbolic compression; symbols compacted for a greater visual strength

MODI is living and depicting life enthusiastically

MODI dances with paint and does not walk rigidly as if to guide a blind man across the street

MODI understands that the value of an accomplished painting is in its intensity

MODI can be an element in isolation then evolve into harmony