Roy Lawaetz
by Roy Lawaetz

About Roy Lawaetz


The Caribbean’s background offers unique bedrock of inherited cultures:
The Pre-Columbian, the European, the African.

In these paintings of Roy Lawaetz art spectators will have the opportunity to see a new art form. It is a personal aesthetic that is deeply-rooted in an eclectic blend of influences, historical and cultural.

While many of the 20th Century’s most formidable artists have found source material and inspiration in tribal cultures in distant countries this is an artist who lived first hand in a milieu with such native opportunity. Exposed to carnival performances and archaeological fragments from early childhood he integrated these impulses into an art form that departs from a sense of classical conformity in exchange for the exotic.

The artist starts from the beginning. He rejects the standard rectangle format in painting and rediscovers the tiny triangular Zemi stone of the Taino Indians, who lived in the Caribbean before Columbus’ arrival in 1492. And from this point of departure he builds his repertoire of prototypes in a laboratory environment of research and development.

“A work of beauty is created
not by the art of an hour,
of a lifetime,
of a century,
but by uncounted souls
in mutual endeavor”

John Ruskin